Small Groups



What are small groups?

Small groups are a unique way to connect to college students and young adults just like you. It is an opportunity to hang out, have fun and, grow spiritually in a  relaxed and real atmosphere.

Why should I be a part of a small group?

One of the core values of Chi Alpha is REAL RELATIONSHIPS. It can be intimidating trying to meet new people, so small groups provides a smaller, more intimate and laid-back environment for you to learn and grow with college students and career-minded young adults.


When do small groups meet?

Men's Small Groups

WHEN--> Monday Nights @ 6:30pm

WHERE-->  Casey and Katie's Home (594 N. Lydia)

Women's Small Groups

WHEN:  Monday and Wednesday Nights @ 5:30pm

WHERE:   Hunewell Residence Hall Rm # 123 (Monday) and Legends Residence Hall Rm #456 (Wednesday)

How do I get connected in a small group?

At "The Real Thing" weekly service you can fill out a "Get Connected" card with choice of group or you can contact us through phone, email, or facebook!  Be sure to check out the "Men's/Women's Options" link to read about your choices and let us know which one interests you the most!


Casey's Phone #: 254-434-3147

Katie's Phone #: 254-434-3149

Facebook: Casey King (Southwestern) or Katie King (Tarleton)