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Pastor Ed Dittfurth

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Cristi Dittfurth

Favorite Verse: Isaiah 40:31; Proverbs 4:12
Birthday: June 15
Favorite Food: Steak cooked over grill using wood charcoal
Favorite Restaurant: Papadeaux’s
Hobbies: Coaching and Hunting
Favorite Book: Three by Ted Dekker
Fun Fact: I run marathons
I grew up the son of a pipefitter in Sweeny, TX, a small town (3A high school) in Brazoria County. Being raised in church I knew right from wrong and genuinely believed and appreciated Christ. It wasn't until midway through high school that I developed “something” more. I now know that “something” is called a deep and personal relationship with the Lord that was vibrant and intentional on a daily basis. I was very active in my school and lettered in two sports, football being my favorite.

As high school neared an end I earnestly sought the Lord as to where my next step in life should be. After some awesome and somewhat miraculous confirmations, the Lord directed me not to bible school but to Tarleton State University. After 4 years of great times and ministry opportunities on campus I graduated with a BS in Hydrology (study of water). One week later I married the love of my life, Cristi. She too had just graduated from Tarleton and recommends to women NOT to get married 7 days after a graduation.

After a year away from Stephenville, I felt so compelled by the Lord to return and serve this area. So we took a huge cut in pay and returned to serve bivocationally. For the next 7 and a half years the Lord prospered us. We started a family, a business, and ministries within and outside the church. Though blessed we knew that the Lord had us in a season, and that our calling was to be in the ministry as a vocation. The Lord began dealing with me for 6 months that in August of 1998 I was to "lay down" the business I had begun. Although very successful, we were faithful and "laid it down" in August of 1998. In September of 1998 the pastor of the church announced his retirement. We were approached and asked if we would consider the pastorate. The Lord gave us confirmation and in October 1998 we were elected to serve as the pastors of the church.

Since that time our kids are all in school and all involved in three sports (only one per season, thankfully). Cristi and I both coach; she coaches basketball and I coach baseball and softball. We live in the country and support all kinds of pets. If you have pets (especially a horse) you know why I use the term support. Our lives are wonderfully full, but we love it that way and it gives us many opportunities to have Deuteronomy 6 kind of teachable moments. I can say without remorse or apology that my family is my number one priority.

I personally run to keep in shape and maybe help with my mental health. I have competed in several races; my three marathons are the ones I'm most proud of. After a decade of serving as pastor for this congregation and our county I am more persuaded and determined to lead folks to grow into a vibrant relationship with Christ. I desire that people not get introduced or stuck in a religious rut, but be active, intentional, and personal in their pursuit of God and His desire for their lives.

Cristi Dittfurth

Married to:

Ed Dittfurth
Favorite Verse: Proverbs 3:5-8
Birthday: April 12
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Favorite Restaurant: Papadeaux’s
Hobbies: Running my children everywhere!
Favorite Book: Black by Ted Dekker
Fun Fact: I was a cheerleader at Stephenville High and Tarleton State University
I was born in Graham, Texas while my father was in Vietnam fighting the war. We moved to Stephenville when I was one year old, so my father could attend Tarleton State University. I attended Stephenville schools all of my life. I also graduated with my bachelors degree in Business Education from Tarleton State University and later went back and received my masters degree in Business Administration. I was raised in church all of my life. My parents made sure that my brothers and I were raised in the house of the Lord, and we were taught Godly morals. There was never a time in my life that I did not know the Lord.

In 1990 I graduated from Tarleton and married Edward. My husband is the best husband in the world. We moved five times the first year we were married. We finally landed in Stephenville and Edward felt a call to the ministry. We had a burden for the youth of Stephenville. We ministered to the youth of First Assembly for six years. Shortly after we moved here we also started Chi Alpha at Tarleton State . We felt like we would do Chi Alpha forever, but in 1998 we started pastoring at First Assembly.

I worked at Stephenville Production Credit and taught at Stephenville High School for two years before having our daughter. We have three children and they are such a blessing to me. I am a full time stay at home mom (if you call it stay at home). The Lord has blessed us and I have not had to work outside our home. We are very busy. The kids are very busy with all of the sports they play. I love sports so it is not a sacrifice for me to run them to practices and games.

Our lives have been so blessed by the Lord. We love the people of the church. We have been so blessed by them.